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"I can’t thank the team at PoolReady enough for answering all my questions! He is so nice and knowledgeable on everything!! ABSOLUTELY the BEST!!! Definitely the place to go for your pool needs!!! Thank you Jared so much for your help!!!!!"

Erica Smith
Covington, LA


Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Regular pool maintenance can help to maintain water quality and to prolong the life of your pool equipment.

  • Budget Friendly

    PoolReady offers three regular pool maintenance plans, each at a monthly price you can afford. Our plans allow you to choose the level of service required to fit your needs. All of our professional pool service technicians at PoolReady are friendly, CPO certified, and there to keep you swimming!

  • A plan for every pool!

    All pools benefit from regular cleaning. Whether it's to remove leaves and other debris that may cloud the water and clog filters, monitoring water balance and ideal pH levels to keep your equipment running longer, or full service cleanings which may include wall brushing, filter cleaning, chemistry checks, and vacuuming – we do it all!

  • Specialty cleaning services

    PoolReady can also provide specialty cleaning services in addition to regular pool maintenance. Contact us to inquire about specialty cleaning services for water elements such as fountains or waterfalls, or to arrange a one-time cleaning.

  • Equipment Repair & Replacement

    Swimming pool parts need repair and replacement from time to time, and PoolReady is here to provide your repair or replacement needs. Our team of dedicated professionals can repair and replace pumps, filters, or other related equipment, as well as repair cracks and leaks at reasonable prices.